Friday, August 12, 2011

Adventures with Strollers


For about a year we've had a BOB, double stroller and have LOVED it, but as an ever expanding family ;-) our needs have changed once again and it left me looking for a stroller to replace our beloved BOB.  It needed to be able to accommodate a newborn infant, (we do a convertible car seat, so it does not come out of the car like most "bucket" seats) because with 3 other children ages 4 and under, I needed a safe place to put baby if my full attention was called upon by the other 3 younger ones.  I wanted it to be narrow and easy to maneuver in a crowd: we participate in a weekly home-school group and getting through crowded halls with our wide BOB made things difficult (ie. I waited around a lot, lol.)  It needed to be able to *easily* control it with one hand, as my other hand is often occupied holding someone or something.  Trunk space wasn't really an issue (we've got a giant 15 passenger van with the back bench taken out), but surprisingly we do need lots of trunk space a lot more often than I anticipated when we first purchased the van.

That lead us to the Phil & Ted's Explorer stroller :).  I'll let the web site explain all the wonderful features it has and I look forward to giving a full review on it for use with two toddlers and then with a toddler and an infant. And for inquiring minds, we sold our BOB & found a deal on a new one - I try to avoid buying brand spanking new @ retail prices when possible.  *grin*

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