Sunday, June 12, 2011

Adventures in walking 100 miles

I started a personal challenge about 9 weeks ago to walk 100 miles in 20 weeks (an easy enough challenge, it was suppose to be about 5 miles a week).  I started off doing fine weeks 1 & 2, and then my motivation just left me and I was just not making it out to get a walk in (I get so bored lol).  Due to just knowing how much it will benefit both me and baby during this third trimester, I've recommitted myself to the task and am trying to create different ways to make it more interesting for myself.  Yesterday I went out just after the kids were in bed, while Nathaniel was home and did a brisk 1.17 miles in 20m30sec (woot!) much better than I thought I'd do.  I listened to some nice peppy music which helped a lot and just tried to soak in my surroundings.  I came within 4-5 feet of four separate rabbits while out on my walk, I could hardly believe it!  I guess it's just the time of day for them to be out around here and they're use to people.  I didn't even notice one until I was practically on top of it!  I also snapped a few pictures while walking which probably slowed my time down just a touch, but it did make things more interesting so in that way it was helpful to me.

This Sunday begins week 10 and I need to average 8 miles a week to meet my goal.  Please pray for me that I will stick with this as it will benefit ALL of us (healthy mom usually = happier mom & healthier baby).

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Jeremy 'N Jess said...

I'm late in responding to this but I was going to say that if you wanted to go walking/exploring over ar Frying Pan Park, they have a nice path through the woods behind the farm that I've been wanting to take the kids on, but don't want to do it alone. There's a little waterfall back there, too. We're free most days now if you wanna try it! :)