Friday, April 17, 2009

Journal Entries of an aspiring Christian Hedonist

Today we've started journaling for school (the kids have) and I think I will join them. My journal entries will be random at best, but this could be fun and it will force me to use my mind in a more creative fashion that I have been.

Today I think I'll tell the world about my amazing husband :) of whom I am so proud of! He recently started a bachelors degree program with the University of Phoenix (complements of a scholarship; thank you Mom for submitting Nathaniel's story!!) He was one of the 30 out of 300 applicants chosen to receive this "Pay it Forward" scholarship. Since beginning the program approximately 5 weeks ago, he's been working very very hard every evening and on weekends to stay on top of his school work. Just like he worked tirelessly on getting our family out of debt. Excitement will come and go, I know, but he will continue to work hard despite this. This is one of the many reasons I love and respect my awesome husband.

I'm naturally a night owl and have made it my job to help him stay awake and just maybe help lower his stress level because he is NOT a night owl. This involves offering him milk and cookies, snickers bars, Reese's peanut butter cups, and a good laugh at my attempt (a pathetic attempt) to stand on my head. Last night I noticed him starting to nod off and I served him by yelling "hey you!" lol :D I know I'm not the one going to school, but I hope to help him get through this as a way of honoring how hard he works for his family. Nate, you just let me know if I'm starting to be annoying rather than helpful.

Anyway, that was random. And it is over :) toodles!

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Vicki said...

WTG Nate!! We love journaling!! Good luck!!