Monday, September 8, 2008

schedule schedule on the wall....

The amazing thing about putting together and actually implementing a schedule is that I have a LOT more time to work with than I thought I did :D and I still have time for things I actually *want* to do in addition to all the things that need to get done



natedavidscott said...

who'd a'thunk it? not me, and definitely not flylady. :P

you are doing a magnificent job

Mommy Scott said...

@natedavidscott - thanks :)

Giraffe Spender said...

Oh My!!

What a schedule!! I wish I had super-powered eyes to read your headings! Would you be willing to share your row & column headings?

Congrats on being debt free! My husband & I are on our way as well...


Dining Table Teacher said...

Where did you get this schedule thingy?

I'm looking for ideas to keep kids on track for the subjects.

And me on track too.