Monday, September 8, 2008

Cost of Diapering, Part 2

Someone asked me what it would cost to use disposables that were of the "green" sort, like seventh generation diapers. I found the pricing on Amazon, purchasing in bulk and receiving the free shipping discount to work out my prices using the formulas on the previous post's table.

So here is the breakdown.... (remember these are all approximate)

$225 for the first three months

$729 for 3-12 months

$1291.50 for 12-30 months

$148.20 for wipes for all 30 months assuming you go through about 1.5 80 ct packs a month and also purchase these on amazon in bulk take advantage of the super saver shipping.

All for a grand total of $2393.00 for 30 months of seventh generation disposable diapering.

To diaper the same baby with cloth diapers....

4 dozen preemie diapers - $50 (includes shipping)

3 dozen infant diapers - $54 (includes shipping)

3 dozen premium diapers - $69 (includes shipping)

6 newborn covers - $48

6 small covers - $48

6 medium covers - $48

6 large covers - $48

3 dozen cloth wipes - $36

plus add in the cost of extra water, energy to heat water, energy to run the dryer, and the extra detergent, it would be about $100 a year so $300 over three years

***someone asked the cost adding in using a "green" detergent - that would raise the cost $150-200 a year depending on which brand you use, where you get it, etc. you're still saving a significant amount :) ***

for a grand total of......... $401 for 30 months

You save... $1992 over 30 months

Are you saving money?? YES!


natedavidscott said...

could you figure out the cost of moving to the middle of nowhere, living in a tent, and letting your child roam free to poop and pee where he sees fit?

Mommy Scott said...

@natedavidscott - nope, can't do that

lucky-mom-of-3 said...

This was very cool of you to do. I will be saving this url to share with other who are on the fence about cloth diapering.

Mommy Scott said...

@lucky-mom-of3 very glad it will be useful to you! :) make sure to also check out the other post (part 1)

Kim said...

Could you add in the cost of laundry?

Kim said...

"green" laundry costs, I mean.

Mommy Scott said...

@kim, I'll edit the post, but from personal experience going "green" with laundry as well, it will raise the price to $150-$200 a year depending on what type of detergent you go with. You're still saving a significant amount.