Thursday, May 22, 2008

Life is Short.... and unpredictable

The news yesterday that Steven Curtis Chapman's youngest daughter was killed in an accident was such a stark reminder of how out of our control our lives are. Things happen for reasons we can not understand and may never understand, but what blessed peace to know that God knows why and He IS in control. In this incredibly sad situation I am comforted by the fact that his precious daughter is resting in heaven with Jesus and he holds her safely in his arms far from the harm and pain of this fallen world.

God is good. God is perfect and I will confess this in these dark times because it is the truth. To those who don't believe, this is foolishness. But to those who do believe it is hope and life.

God you are my hope and life - surround this precious family with a very real sense that you are indeed with them through this hard time. In the holy and awesome name of Jesus, this is my prayer. Amen

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kbs said...

Well said and so true! Live each day like there's no tomorrow.