Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a neat feeling

See the picture of the very pretty diaper a few posts down? I purchased that diaper because it's a Goodmama and I had just gotten a few and absolutely adored them. But upon receiving it I realized that it was just too girly to put on my little guy. I decided to sell it on DiaperSwappers "lotto style" because usually when these are posted for sale they disappear before you get a chance to message the seller and ask for it. Also, these diapers disappear even more quickly as soon as they are posted for sale on the web site itself. Doing a lottery allows ANYONE to have a chance at purchasing the diaper if their name is picked in a random lottery. The stipulations for my lottery was 1) you could not already own a Goodmama and 2) you can't have one coming in the mail (we all like to try and get around these things) ;). The lottery ended earlier today and it was such an awesome feeling knowing exactly how excited the mama was who was picked to have the diaper. I wish I had bunches more to sell, just to make people that happy.

I remember when my first Goodmama came in the mail... after opening the package I proceeded to rub it against my face. Then I marveled at how it was just as beautiful and well made as everyone said it was. I tried it on my little guy and it fit so perfectly. I literally skipped through the house, I was so excited! :) This was a cool experience and I hope that if you decide to sell any of your "rare" diaper items, that you would sell them lottery style and bless some other mamas (or papas!).

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