Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eco Diaper Deals! :D

Picture above: Thomas in a "Flip" diaper cover with a prefold underneath. I personally really like the Flip covers. They're very reliable when it comes to not leaking and they fit multiple size ranges, so you can use one style cover for multiple children.

Around here we use cloth diapers, but like to have disposable diapers around for when we really need the convenience (such as overnight and often when we're out of the house). My stock of disposable diapers is down to 4 lonely size 5 diapers, so it's time to re-stock! Being the eco-conscious type, I scoured around for a few days/weeks to find a disposable diaper option that would work for us but was a much better option than the standard Huggies (a brand which we have used and loved over the years) when it comes to the environment. Enter "Nature Babycare Eco-Friendly Diaper" combined with a most excellent sale and manufacturer's coupon on Diapers.com! I'm now well stocked up for a while (hopefully!) and if you need a good earth friendly diaper option when you're not cloth diapering, I hope you'll take advantage of this offer too :D.

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