Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's been happening...

I can't believe I haven't even really thought about my blog since my 26th week of pregnancy! So what's been happening...

I'm now 31 weeks pregnant (out of about 40 weeks for those that don't know how this works LOL!)

Clara just turned 5 years old today & more than anything, wanted a baby doll and a trip to chuck e. cheese. She got the baby doll, chuck e. cheese might have to wait a bit though. We did however go out to lunch at McDonalds with her cousins, who are in town, and then got to play with them for a bit this afternoon.

Morgan will turn 7 next month and would like a "pottery painting party" which, hopefully, we will make happen in the next few weeks, as a combined party for both Clara & Morgan.

Peter has found a new love for a few TV shows on video, namely Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues, Bear in the big blue house, Veggie Tales, Rescue Heros and 3,2,1 Penguins

James has grown another inch, I swear! He's so tall! He also continues to amaze his mommy on a daily basis with how much he is growing and maturing. It is exciting and bittersweet to see how quickly he is growing up and I'm am trying to enjoy him as he is right now :). He and his sisters hope to get involved in some organized sports this spring or summer and mommy hopes to make it happen!

Lily just suffered her first tummy virus which was short lived (Praise the Lord!) but now I've got to get her re-hydrated. It's taking a bit here... I can tell she's still not feeling well, but she's not throwing up any more.

Baby Scott #6 seems happy as can be and continues to grow well from all that we can tell with the various check ups at the midwives' office. I started this pregnancy at a whopping 186lbs (on my 5'4" frame) and so the midwife advised me to be careful with my weight gain and if possible try to stay about the same. I am proud to say I've maintained my weight and actually dropped down a bit to 181 which pleases me to no end :). Just gotta keep it up - 7 to 10ish more weeks to go (ya never know when these little buggers are gonna make their appearance).

We just purchased a new-to-us van for cash, so we are still maintaining our debt free status. It's a big 'un though - a 15 passenger Ford E350. I've already given it a name (just a goofy little thing we do for our cars around here). Her name is Monica, but it was almost "the monster", which was my first impression upon driving her. I've found I can successfully maneuver it around so far and even parallel park it in front of our house. I just had to politely ask the neighbors if they would give us a touch more room :D. Now we have to decide which car we're going to rid ourselves of (the Toyota or the Chrysler - and their names are Cindy and Bessy, just in case you were wondering). It'll come down to which one will need the most work the soonest, if you catch my meaning.

I started sewing after receiving a sewing machine for Christmas and have really enjoyed it. I spent every spare moment I could sewing something for the month of January and then reality hit and I realized I needed to control my impulses and put my sewing on a schedule or nothing else would ever get done again. I plan to spend the month of March sewing three matching dresses for my girls to wear on Easter and making some small cloth diapers for Baby Scott #6.

The rest of March will be spent getting ready for the arrival of of Baby Scott 6, which will involve;

- washing baby clothes
- fixing up the crib just up right (this little one will be sleeping in our room for the time being)
- purchasing and installing a new carseat
- making sure I have enough batteries to run our little baby "swing" which is a great helper to me!
- making a baby carrier to keep my little one near me whenever possible - it just keeps them and mommy much happier this way when they're so tiny
- and I'm sure there are a million other little things, but my brain has just gone : P for the night

That is it for now, I hope to keep on top of this a bit better now so be looking for more updates in the coming weeks. God bless you all and GOODNIGHT! :D

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