Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Because I can't really shop at the moment....

Here is what I *would* buy if I had money coming out of my ears LOL

First I would by some "Fuzzi Bunz" One-Size Pocket Diapers with Hip Snaps :) I've heard such good things about them and they'd be a great thing to have when going out with
two children of different ages in diapers, if you know what I mean!

Next... I'd love to have a couple dozen of these beautiful, well made, One-Size diapers by "Goodmama"

Then I'd get me a bunch of these beauties! Disana Wool Covers, they work wonderfully at night time and nap time.

disana wool soaker

wool colors

I'd probably pick up one of these too.... (Little Beetle's Little to Big Organic Merino Wool Cover)

little to big little beetles wool diaper cover snaps

And because we're day dreaming here LOL, I would also love to get these other baby accessories!

I can't get a picture of this gorgeous, well made bag, but it's called "Be Prepared" by Ju-Ju-Be. The print I like this most is "champagne bubbles" although I'd just be happy to put my hands on the bag LOL! I've not owned one myself, but I have handled one in person and the quality just can not be beat. I am confident it would last through several children.

Next and last on this current wishful thinking list :D is a Phil and Ted Inline "Sport" stroller with the doubles kit in Apple Graffiti or Blue Graffiti. IMO you won't find a cooler or more functional stroller than this one. I'd probably also add in one of these nifty liners to keep baby warm when needed.

Anyway, I'm now moving on with my life now that I've got that out of my system :D

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