Monday, December 22, 2008

Enter the countdown

The following post series will probably have more personal information than some would like to know, lol :) BUT I know there are ladies & family who would like to know!

Last week at 36 weeks 5 days pregnant I was checked by my midwife for labor progress (I've been having what's called prodromal labor) and I was *almost* 3 cm dilated & 50% effaced.

I was checked again today because I have continued to have prodromal labor and it was my weekly appointment (I'm 37 weeks 5 days pregnant today) and I was 3.5 cm dilated & 60% effaced so I've made a *little* progress, which I was thankful to hear.

Now I'm just hoping to make it past Christmas because we've got all our plans laid out and I just love all the Christmas stuff :).

The picture is kind of cruddy..... this is my belly today



Kristin said...

I'm certain that's supposed to be 36 and 37 weeks pg. :) I know, because you're due the same time I am... LOL

Obviously my babe is not ready to arrive as she declined the invite yesterday after I fell down my stairs... I'm sore, she's okay, but just hanging out waiting.

Have a very Merry Christmas!! Can't wait to hear your news!

Mommy Scott said...

LOL, YES that's suppose to be 36 & 37! I fixed it ;) thank you!!

Sorry to hear your fell down your stairs! :( that's so scary. I am however glad to hear you and baby are ok.

Lisa Marie said...

You look great! How was the holiday?

Angela said...

Yeay for progress...makes for faster labors! :) Glad you made it past Christmas!