Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stay At Home Mom Salary

Since I should be getting some term life insurance soon I thought I'd figure out what my calculated income would be if you had to pay someone to do everything that I do :D because life insurance should be about 8-10 times your income.

Since I'm a stay at home mom and we homeschool, my "jobs" are four primary jobs.

As a teacher / private tutor, I would be paid $40,000 a year
As a live in nanny, I would be paid $26,000 a year
As a janitor (which includes laundry in this case) I would be paid $25,000 a year
As a line cook chef, I would be paid $20,000

Bringing our grand total to $111,000 a year but I work overtime too :)

On a salary of $111,000 a year, my hourly wage works out to be $53 an hour for 40 hours of work. If I only worked 20 hours "overtime" a week @ time and a half, that bumps my salary up $82,680 a year more.

So if you feel like hiring me any time soon to do what I do for my family, that will cost you $193,680 a year. Have a nice day :D


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Heck Yeah!

Sally said...

You forgot chauffeur, first aid nurse, sport coach, mediator...


God bless!

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