Friday, September 5, 2008

Cheap Entertainment

That would be big brother reading in the background


natedavidscott said...

hey, i was gonna read that
too cute

Mommy Scott said...

Peter says "sorry" (well actually he said "DA!"

jill said...

...ok I'm not your stalker, just clicked on the link from your diaper swapper signature :) I'm jmbisignano on there :)

And I thought it was HILARIOUS to watch this now since my 2 kids (6 and 1) just decided to have a "Newspaper Party" while I was cooking dinner! I walked into the living room to shrieks of delight as they through my husband's entire Sunday paper all over the floor with pillows, ripping and jumping and having a blast! Hehe! (The best part was that I convinced them cleaning it up was JUST as fun!!)