Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nothing like a good friend

I got to have a few hours out with a good friend yesterday and it was so nice :). Not just the time out of the house, or the cream cheese danish, OR the hot mint tea.... :D but it was nice to connect with a friend who just lets me be who I am and loves me anyway.

Friend (you know who you are) :D I love you and thank you so much for encouraging me and putting up with all my ADDishness and liking me despite my very ugly side. You are blessing to my life and I thank God continually for you and your dear husband.

I hope I can be this friend to her and to all my friends. I also hope that others will be encouraged to do the same for their friends because this is what we all really need. Someone we can talk to and not feel like we have to put on the "everything is perfect" mask. Also we all need someone who will give us the proverbial 2x4 in the face when we need it ;) I need more friends like that! lol!

Happy Tuesday!!!!!


MCC said...

I have yet to find one of these kinds of friends in Indiana.

When you're expecting, friendships are even more important aren't they?

Mommy Scott said...

MCC - I think when you're expecting, it's so helpful to have a friend who is either expecting as well (as this one friend is) or has been through the experience themselves because you just need someone who truly understands (as much has our DH's try to understand, they've never been through it!)

I'll be praying that you find a good friend where you are because I know how precious they are.

MCC said...

Mommy Scott - you made me cry.