Friday, May 9, 2008

Patience is a Virtue!

I find it funny that in my son's Sunday school class (of which I help teach) we're studying patience!! I need some... extra actually. With the newfound discover of baby Scott #5, I see all these adorable TINY diapers & diaper covers and I just want to buy everything NOW! Also, with four children, one of them being a three year old (aka a two year old on steroids), home-schooling, house work, cloth diapers, laundry, laundry and did I say laundry, I often find my self wanting to just lay down on the floor and do absolutely nothing. Sometimes I do.....

I feel guilty almost on a daily basis for my inability to BE patient and it has been quite humbling teaching about something I struggle with so intensely.

I wish I had something very profound to share, but I don't. Just pray for me :). What do you do to help yourself be more patient?


Trisha said...

Here is what I do:
Take a deep breath when things are getting "hairy" and ask God to help me through it. It usually gives me a chance to quiet myself a bit and with God's help anything is possible. EVEN PATIENCE!

I find that music and PM's help too!

MCC said...

Our pastor suggested putting yourself in the position of HAVING to be patient. Then your body will get used to the process.

I've been choosing the longest line at Walmart. It's helping.

Mommy Scott said...

@mcc - WHAT A GOOD IDEA!! lol - I'll definitely have to give that a try from now on.