Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Logic Is Lovely

WOW, I have to say I'm not the kind of person who thinks "logically" by nature. I'm more of a practical thinker. I also find long explanations tedious and if someone doesn't seem interested in what I'm saying, I'd rather just not say it.

I've been following a thread on www.diaperswappers.com about being "quiverful", the idea that you should not prevent your body from getting pregnant and just allow God to choose your family size. My husband put it so eloquently the other day when he said "he (God) already has decided it, whether you 'believe' it or not."

Back to the first part about Logic.... people in this thread have been using "logic" to explain their beliefs, weather they are "this" way or "that" way. I find that logic so many times fails us. God does use logic in many ways, but he also says in the Bible (in new testament) that we can not please him without FAITH. Faith is not always "logical" and sometimes goes in the opposite direction of the logical choice. The thread began by asking "what families on here are 'quiverful'?" which is what made me think about this is the first place. I'd like to answer this with my husbands answer when I asked him.

*please excuse the typos, it was written in an IM message and no one pays attention to capitals, etc when typing in an IM

"i heard something about the "quiverful" thing and one blog i read regularly addressed it. i don't necessarily agree with what he said, but i also don't like tying myself to ideas like that..."freegans" and all those silly things that seem good, but can be taken to a strange extreme. i'm just a bible believing christian. and i'm not having as many kids as i can just because i'm letting God decide it. he already has decided it, whether you "believe" it or not"

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