Friday, February 8, 2008

your making me do it!

My husband (Nate dawg) decide to link my "blog" in his Friday post @ and so now I have to have something worth reading!!! Hee hee, well actually this blog is just suppose to be fun and an emotional outlet for my cloth diaper obsession because frankly, I think Nathaniel is sick of hearing "Guess what I got today??" I got some new diapers in the mail yesterday and they are too cute AND they fit my little guy's TINY legs! WOO HOO :) If you've got a skinny baby too you know exactly how frustrating it can be to get a medium that is suppose to "fit" but it's gaping at the legs (gaping means big open space where things can escape.... gaping = extra messes). These diapers are called "mutts" in the DiaperSwapper world (yes it is it's own world) and Muttqins elsewhere. The Mutts that I purchased are the ones in the picture above. :)

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