Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reality Check

As my kids are starting to grow out of the current clothes, I've just been smacked in the head with the proverbial 2x4. We'll need to buy them clothes soon, so I'm going to have to cut back on my crazy diaper buying habit. I haven't been spending lots of money on diapers or anything, but I've been selling diapers and buying more diapers. Last night I made a decision to let go of some things I didn't really need and keep just want I really LOVED and what worked well (and would fit a long time). This way, the money I will make from selling cloth diapers and good used kids clothes will go towards buying my kiddos the next size up in clothes that they will be needing very soon.

Top of the list are my 8 BumGenius 3.0 One-Size diapers. These are my "babysitter" diapers. They go on just like a disposable, but are cloth (and they will fit a small baby all the way up to potty training). I also use these when I'm going out and about - they are very convenient.

Next on the list is my Goodmama fitted diapers. I just looooooooooooove these diapers. They are also One-Size diapers so they will fit Peter from now till he potty trains.

Then here comes my trusty Brown Edge Cothe-eez prefold diapers. These will work for a long time, they are very durable, and inexpensive. They can also be embellished to make the pretty (with some fabric added down the middle) or dyed to many different colors.

Then last but not least are my embellished prefolds (these are dyed and have fabric added to them). I love these..... nuff said.

OH, and there will be one lonely "Juicytoots" fitted one size diaper that I also love and is One-Size and will last a LONG time. :)

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